We think ahead
Quality and innovation are the key to our success in international competition. Thanks to intelligent technology and efficiency, we produce products that make people's lives easier and at the same time ensure resource-driven sustainability. Some 3,000 employees are employed by us in the area of research and development, which is organized in a network of international competence centers. Intensive trend research, interdisciplinary innovation management and the most modern development centers are the key to our success for innovations that provide real added value.

Room for ideas
Creative potential can be found in every employee. Encouraging this potential is one of our most important tasks. After all, ingenuity and inventiveness are the foundations that allow us to consolidate our position as innovation leader in the household appliances market again and again every day.
We want to motivate all employees to continuously develop our products and technologies through Group-wide knowledge management and various internal programs and competitions: for example through an annually awarded innovation prize or our in-house idea management.

Patented many times and excellent in design
Patents are an important element for ensuring the market success of tomorrow's innovation products. BSH follows a patent policy that focuses on the quality of the innovations and ensures that customer and market-driven technological developments, in particular, are effectively protected.
The design also represents the innovation for us: Numerous awards including the "iF product design award", "red dot design award", "interior innovation award" and the German design award "Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland" confirm that BSH products are characterized by convincing technologies and outstanding quality, paired with especially attractive design.

Shape the future with us.