For BSH, acting with the environment in mind is a principle which informs the entire product lifecycle – from manufacture right through to disposal.

Some people call the concept integrated product policy, while others talk of consistent product responsibility: What is certain is that only manufacturers who consider production aspects right from the development stage, and think about disposal during the purchasing process can vouch for the overall quality of their product. BSH practices this principle by taking full account of all product-related aspects and lifecycle phases during the development of its products. A design change, for example, must not give rise to any additional environmental impact during manufacture. BSH’s environmental management system, now an established fixture worldwide, thus stands for more than efficient and safe production methods. It also represents the foundation for the company’s occupational health and safety provision and the commitment to quality of the different brands. Because regular certification of the development and production processes according to ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental protection) contributes to the good reputation of the company and its products among customers, suppliers and the general public.