What sets us apart

Making progress
Founded in 1967 as a Joint Venture between Robert Bosch GmbH and Siemens AG, since the beginning of 2015 BSH exclusively belongs to the Bosch Group. BSH has grown over the past four decades to become the largest manufacturer of household appliances in Germany and Europe. The interplay of four Global Brands, eight Local Heroes, and two Label Brands guarantees a broad presence in a wide range of price segments and regions – making BSH with worldwide 41 production sites the world’s number two in the appliance sector.

We stand for trust
To ensure we never lose sight of what makes us a reliable partner for our customers, suppliers and employees, we have incorporated our five core values into BSH's corporate principles: clear focus on our customers' needs and their confidence in us, systematic focus on innovation, fair and attractive working environment, sustainable corporate management and socially responsible behavior. Our managers assume special responsibility in this context for ensuring these values are also practiced. BSH's leadership principles provide the relevant orientation here.

We promote an open corporate culture
The employee surveys, which we have been conducting to international standard since 2007, are an important tool for us for keeping up to date with the opinions, ideas and needs of our employees. After all it is only by recognizing our strengths and weaknesses accurately that we can be better. The suggestions put forward by employees have already often resulted in improvements and new projects. Not only do we therefore use the employee survey to garner your opinion, suggestions for improvement are also regularly rewarded. For example, our BSH Best Practice Award 2011 has now been presented for the third time.

Think ahead with us.