Energy Efficiency

Climate change is one of the central challenges currently facing society, precipitated by the high carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) generated by the use of fossil fuels, and there is now broad unanimity on the issue in the scientific, political and industrial communities. However switching to renewable energy sources alone cannot solve the climate problem, faced as we are by growing energy needs fuelled by the dynamic activity in developing markets and the continuous growth in world population numbers.

Although there are signs of increasing consumer awareness of climate protection, this is slow to have any effect on people’s day-to-day actions. And those wishing to save energy need not forego the slightest degree of convenience, since the most efficient household appliances are also the most sophisticated. In light of increasing electricity prices, buying a frugal home appliance is a decision that soon pays for itself, but in many households there is a general ignorance about the potential savings available. Simply equipping German homes with high-efficiency household appliances would save over seven billion kilowatt hours of electricity a year – enough to supply more than 1.5 million households.

Our Super Efficiency Portfolio: Making energy savings visible

In 2009, for the first time, we brought our most efficient appliances together into a Super Efficiency Portfolio on the basis of the European energy label with a view to making our energy efficiency progress visible and measurable. Since then, we have adjusted it annually and had the figures validated by external auditors. We are particularly keen to increase our sales in this segment, where the potential contribution to environmental and climate protection, in other words energy efficiency, is huge.

Lower energy consumption

BSH’s aim is to help households cut their electricity consumption through the use of super-efficient home appliances. We calculate our contribution according to clearly defined criteria. In the selected countries, we compare the electricity consumption of our super-efficient appliances with the average consumption of all appliances sold on the market in 2011. The resulting annual savings take effect over the appliance’s entire duration of use – twelve years on average – and are therefore aggregated.